Our Accessories

Our passion for creating shirts that make our customers look sharp and feel great led us to creating some of the finest tailor made shirts in the industry. With our accessories line, we are aiming for nothing less. Our lovingly curated collection is defined by uniqueness and style. We source from brands we admire. Brands, that we discovered on our long sartorial quest. We want to offer you pieces we ourselves are proud to wear. Products that are exclusive, hard to find, the hidden treasures that will earn you compliments wherever you go.

Go ahead, explore them. Delight yourself and the ones you love. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Cuff Links

Inori logo

Inori is an exclusive jewelry line from Japan launched in 1992. We love it, since our companies are driven by the same passion. While we strive to produce the highest quality and the most stylishly tailored custom dress shirts for men for an affordable price, Inori is driven by the dream to create elegant, stunning jewelry everyone could wear.

Inori is a Japanese word which means prayer, adoration or invocation. It is an expression of balance, which is portrayed in every Inori piece.

Over the years, Inori has evolved into a complete collection of unique, eye-catching jewelry. Each Inori piece has a slick look and feel, and every piece is crafted with quality and comfort in mind.

It is our pleasure to exclusively offer you Inori cuff links at an unbeatable price. Explore the collection now.